NOTE 1: First name listed for Morning and Evening Service is in charge
NOTE 2: Person in Charge of Evening Service will assign  messenger's, if
If for some reason you are unable to perform your assigned duty, please arrange
for your replacement. Every assigned task is important including coming to all
Deacon/Yokefellow meetings.
Updated 06 01 17
June 2017 Duty List
10:30 Service
Messengers: Brock Linnville 6:00 PM Simmons Whiddon Security: Keistler Smith Not Assigned  / On Standby: DeMontalvo Gay Jernigan
Westman - In Charge Winstead Youmans McFarlane Lake Lowe Nealy Petuchov Robinson Williams
Deacon/Yokefellow of the Week: 6-4   DeMontalvo, Gay, Jernigan 6-11  Keistler, Lake, Linnville 618   Lowe, McFarlane, Nealy 6-25  Petuchov, Robinson, Simmons