Pastor Ron Lentine
Ron Lentine -  Senior Pastor of MGBC
Pastor Ron has been in ministry for nearly thirty-five years having been ordained in 1981 at
Shively Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky.  Ron graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic College
in 1977 and earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary in Louisville in 1981. 
 Ron is married to Marilyn and they have two grown children, Ashley and Chris.
Serving two churches in south Florida through the 80’s and 90’s Ron spent 4 years in the
Army reserves, serving as an Army Chaplain. 
In 1997 MGBC called Ron to become their pastor. 
In his years at MGBC we have seen many ministries and missions begin and grow at
Myrtle Grove under his leadership including; FAITH Strategy, our Hispanic Mission Church,
the Pre-School Learning Center, Christian Social Ministries, Most Excellent Way,
Fellowship of Christian Athletics and many more.
From the very start of his ministry-calling Pastor Ron has played an active part in contributing his talents and skills to
various Baptist organizations throughout the state of Florida including local Baptist associations. 
A strong believer in the F.A.I.T.H. outreach strategy  Pastor Ron continues to lead MGBC members in reaching those
in the community that may not know Christ or have a church home.  MGBC is a leader in the state of Florida among
Baptist churches in using F.A.I.T.H
Pastor Ron’s Personal Testimony
Ron was born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in an Italian Roman Catholic home.  During his teenage years
he found myself confused and struggling and searching for purpose and meaning in his life.  He was a
disappointment to his parents and hurt them deeply during those years.
At 18 years of age he joined the Army with the hope of making something of his life and escaping his difficult
past.  He ended up serving two years in Vietnam and during that time engaged in the martial arts, achieving a
black belt in karate, also exploring various Eastern religions.
After Vietnam and his military experience, he ended up back in Detroit.  His father died shortly after his return
which brought about great sorrow and anger within his heart.  He longed for his approval and acceptance of
him, only to have him taken away at a young age.  After nine months of working in a bar that his father had
owned,he left for Key West, Florida, to begin going to college on his G. I. Bill.
It was in Key West, Florida, that he met a man who, by the grace of God, would influence his life in a positive
way.  He was a karate instructor, seventh degree black belt in Sho-ba-con Karate.  This man became like a
father to Ron.  He was a born-again Christian who freely shared the love of God with Ron on a daily basis. 
Through his influence and love Ron turned from the bitterness and anger in his heart and he turned to the Lord
Jesus Christ. 
Ron was saved in October of 1974, a day after God revealed himself to him at a karate tournament in Miami,
Florida.  He had a life-changing experience that resulted in his total surrender to the Lord Jesus.